Saturday, July 4th, 16:45 (4:45pm JPN-ST) 2020.

Black Lives Matter

This issue catapulted once again (It’s debut was long before this) due to the case of George Floyd, about a month ago. An officer who killed him by applying unnecessary force (1. There was plenty of backup, 2. other techniques available for restraint, 3. Already handcuffed! 4. Could have applied the unnecessary technique more reasonably 5. Other…) …unnecessary force to his neck. Said he couldn’t breather, didn’t matter. Or the way he said it didn’t “sound” or “look” urgent enough, which, by the way, may be an actually lack of communication AS A RESULT of not being able to breathe. As a longtime asthma sufferer (many issues with this) I can attest to the last point very well. The officer f***d up. Sometimes cursing is necessary to make a point.

His prior convictions? I read them. Law enforcement may very well not like this individual to begin with (if that was ever proven to even be an issue) but if that was the case, they would have an issue with how THE LAW dealt with him previously. Law enforcement is there to uphold the law. If you want to change it then go into legislation, not a department of the executive branch where you are supposed to carry out the law. George Floyd was dealt with before this accordingly. Black Lives Matter should be about equal consideration and treatment. He is not above or below the law. Like every other color he should be treated fairly by the law. He was, up until this last encounter.

Which was brutal.

That was a month ago. Many stories have been unearthed and shed more light on as a result of it. One thing that came up recently was the issue of a Black National Anthem for the NFL and the issue of the Washington Redskins changing their name. I haven’t looked into both issues as much as George Floyd. The Anthem idea I haven’t heard much about, but the ‘Redskins’ naming issue has come up before. Why does it come up now? That is the power of Black Lives Matters, which, although I stand behind it, I may not always agree with how each individual interprets it. Because I do believe it is fundamentally the same thing as All Lives Matters.

However, it does show how specific movements can often lead as a catalyst towards other things. I don’t want to make this long. My mom was born in Bolivia and my Dad in New York, as well as his parents. And I was born in the USA. However, my skin color happens to be identifiably white. I also had more than your typical acne case in highschool, and for a much longer period of time. So I feel I relate to, the issue of feeling American (as identified clearly externally), the issue of feeling a lot negative bias on the basis of skin (acne, intense and long-term), the issue of immigration and mixed ethnicity (But as a result of what America has stood for through various waves of immigration, especially New York City).

I see passion in Black Lives Matters that has enough momentum to touch on all those things and more. I feel is too narrowly guided, sometimes to its own regret. But who is BLM? It comes down to each individual, or each protest, depending on what is seen on a t-shirt or poster, or what is heard in a vlog or a rallying cry. BLM exists because ALM, in my humble opinion, and because of that it will always trickle down into the other categories when done passionately. Some don’t see it that way because of a narrow focus. I understand but I hope they change. Some think it should be more black-centric. I hope they change too because that does not resemble “We Are In This Together” as has been echoed by other strong voices at this time. Add to the group because they will understand your fundamental issue.

I must end this because clarity is important. I will just say I felt the urge to touch on this subject after listening to Alanis Morissette’s old classic album “Jagged Little Pill” As a musician/artist the sound of her album poured confidence into me knowing what barriers she faced as well.

The fundamentals carry over into many pockets. Let’s not forget that.

Wednesday, May 27th, 10:31am, JPN 2020.

Journal Musing

When I am passionate and high on life I will resort to the dairy diet of facebook. Because at the end of the day it is my book regardless of anyone who reads it. Mark Zuckerberg gave me a blank book to write in. But I wasn’t sure how others felt about it, so I ran away to robotpalace.com (Fudge . some guy got this in the middle of my excessive domain/site switching.. Nintendo)

So, I blog here. I stared a shit-ton at the last facebook post I wrote, yesterday. It made me think so I re-read it. I re-listen to music, I re-watch movies, and one day I’ll re-read a book. I do this to find myself, but how many times? Well, that’s not important. The point is that I have periods, heh heh, but seriously … periods, of lack of energy, also lack of sex, damn. Too long, as they said in the famous song

So these periods of self-reflection, in my opinion, are our humanoid ways of figuring out how to use energy best when it hits us again later. One more thing, keeping it PG-13. In America this means it will be appropriate. Normative. Like Norm in Math class, or the beaches of fucking Normandy. Who really gives a shit about it though, right?